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About Charleen

Charleen Smith was born and raised in a traditional household in Southern New Jersey, but now has made Central Florida her home. She is the exact definition of a successful and ever strong woman who she has passed through several life tests and recorded victories.

One of the major problems Charleen faced was being obese which she has been experiencing from her early age. She experienced a strange scenario which is adding an extra 10+ pounds whenever she perceives the aroma of any food. Charleen lodged overweight complaints to medical practitioners and they seemed not to have an answer to her predicament because they couldn’t scientifically prove that something is wrong with her. After several medical check-ups, the doctors told Charleen that she is fine.

Charleen was referred to a local endocrinologist four years ago; who diagnosed and found out that she has Hashimoto’s disease which encourages the attack of her thyroids by the immune system.

Charleen Smith is not a fan of medication but in this case, she adhered to the drug prescriptions given to her which turned out to be ineffective after 3years. The drugs couldn’t solve her overweight issues but rather worked against her immune system. She asked out of the medication and focused on avoiding junk foods, eating vegetables and subjecting herself to exercises which yielded positive results within a short time.

At 12, Charleen found a diet that positively contributed to her weight loss.

The diet is widely known today as gluten  free diet.  Charleen witnessed another overweight moment just after her safe child delivery and it took her 18 years to defeat the situation.

Charleen Smith is neither a wellness expert nor dietitian but she is a unique individual who is deeply concerned and focused on helping people overcome their overweight nightmare through her experience. Any individual with amazing experience in a particular field always comes out as the best teacher.

Whatever overweight issue you have, Charleen Smith can help you overcome them within a short time.