9 Terrible Facts About Hoodia Gordonii

Here are nine eye-opening facts about the incredible Hoodia, and why you should be very wary when ordering your next 30-day Hoodia supply. 

9 Terrible Facts About Hoodia Gordonii


Everyone has been hearing the news and buzz on the semi miraculous plant called Hoodia Gordonii which helps to reduce your appetite.  The weight loss gurus are betting their shirts that people who are very challenged in losing weight will benefit in a big way by regularly digesting hoodia. I will now spell out straight and harsh facts about Hoodia Gordonii that I found online while conducting research about this exotic plant.


Fact #1

There are several species of Hoodia. Hoodia Gordonii, is a rare plant that grows in South Africa.


Fact #2

Hoodia Gordonii is difficult to grow and only grows under certain climatic conditions that the South African region offers.


Fact #3

Hoodia Gordonii is on the Red List of endangered species—meaning—it  may become extinct soon.


Fact #4

Only Hoodia Gordonii has the molecule that effectively suppresses one’s appetite.


Fact #5

Because of its scarcity, authentic Hoodia is expensive; so, if you see Hoodia in ads advertised for 9 Terrible Facts About Hoodia Gordonii$20-30.00 per bottle, close your wallet and run!


Fact #6

The current supply of pure Hoodia is quickly diminishing; thus, it’s growing tougher to find 100% pure Hoodia anywhere.


Fact #7

Because of the rising demand for Hoodia and the fast depleting supply of the real stuff, many dishonest vendors are brazenly lying in their promotional ads and selling either fake or inferior Hoodia Gordonii under popular brand names. Be extremely careful which Hoodia product you consider ordering.


Fact #8

The FDA does not regulate the supply of real Hoodia which means that you can easily end up buying fake Hoodia at your local health store or online.


Fact #9

There exists an overabundance of counterfeit Hoodia in comparison to

the 100% pure stuff available through a few honest vendors.


Your absolute best bet to avoid buying fake or inferior Hoodia is simply to properly educate yourself about this amazing plant before you place your first or next order.

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